National Soup Day February 04 2016

No soup for you! Unless you’re like us and you’re celebrating National Soup Day today - then you can enjoy all the warm, delicious soup you’d like! Whether you like a nice cup of soup as a starter or a hearty bowl for your main course we’ve got some extra special recipes for you to try.

Not-So-Classic Chicken Noodle: most chicken noodle soup recipes call for chicken stock, carrots, shredded chicken meat and egg noodles, but not this one. Although you will need the basic ingredients, we like to kick ours up a notch. Substitute egg noodles with penne pasta or spaghetti, and marinate your chicken in La Flor’s Don Diego hot sauce. Don’t forget to add a dash of La Flor’s Chicken Bouillon for flavor.

Larry The Lobster Bisque: the two ingredients in lobster bisque are lobsters and bisque, right? Well, yes. But there’s a bunch of other delicious ingredients that come together to provide you with that mouth-watering flavor. Search for your favorite recipe online and then add sweet corn kernels and a touch of La Flor’s Cayenne Pepper to taste.

Burly Beef Barley: whether you’re outdoors chopping wood all day or doing something a little less macho, there’s nothing like sitting down to a cup or bowl of beef barley soup. Trim and chop boneless chuck roast, slice your carrots and celery, add mushrooms and don’t forget the La Flor Beef Bouillon.

When taste is everything, La Flor is all you need to transform National Soup Day into an extraordinary culinary delight. Shop our selection of spices, herbs, and blends on the web - keep it spicy, America!