Clean Up Your Diet For 2016 February 09 2016

Can you believe we’re already about a month and a half into 2016? That means it’s time to check up on your New Year's Resolutions and see how they’re holding up. In case you've already missed a handful of days in the gym or you just want to clean up your diet this year, we’ve got a few tricks to help you stay on track.

For The Sweet Tooth: instead of grabbing a handful of candy, choose your favorite fruits instead. Even though some fruits contain high amounts of sugar, it’s a more natural option than candy and fruits have a plethora of additional benefits that candy doesn’t have.

For The Salt Lover: too much salt can lead to dehydration along with a number of other unhealthy side effects. This is especially bad if you’re keeping up with your daily gym regimen. Herbs and spices will likely satisfy your desire for salt and they can make your meals much more tasty. Don’t forget to check out La Flor’s vast collection - we’ve got everything you need!

For The Butter Hound: put down the butter and slice open an avocado. Try it on toast, with eggs or use its oil to “grease” up the frying pan.

For The Carboholics: instead of eating bread and pasta, try mixing it up with a banana. Bananas contain tryptophan which can regulate your moods, help you relax and make you feel happier.

Even if you can’t get to the gym as often as you’d like, you can still make a great choices when it comes to your diet. We’re not saying you have to cut out the pizza and ice cream for the rest of your life, simply try to make a few healthier choices each week - you’ll thank us later!

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Common Diet Myths Debunked January 19 2016

Eat this. Drink that. Stay away from this. Don’t go near that. Everybody has their own beliefs and opinions when it comes to “eating healthy” and let’s face it, no two people are alike. What may work well for your best friend or your brother may not work the same way for you. It is important however, to do a bit of research on your own and not listen to everything you hear. After all, there are thousands of diet myths available through a variety of sources that need to be debunked.

Myth: Red wine is the best thing for heart health.

Truth: According to researchers at the University of Texas, wine drinks were not better off when compared with those who preferred beer of liquor. While red wine does have antioxidant power, the alcohol itself is what boosts level of HDL, or “good” cholesterol, according to Arthur Klatsky, MD, the senior cardiology consultant for Kaiser Permanente, a nonprofit health plan based in Oakland, California. Keep in mind that consuming more than two drinks a day can do more harm for your heart than good.

Myth: A grilled chicken sandwich is healthier than a burger.

Truth: Health enthusiasts tend to believe that consuming a grilled chicken sandwich is a much healthier option compared to a burger. The truth is, a chicken sandwich has about 100 more calories than a plain hamburger and can contain double the amount of sodium.

Myth: Raw veggies pack way more nutrients than their cooked counterparts.

Truth: The days of forcing down raw crunchy veggies are over. According to Tammy Roberts, RD, a nutrition and health-education specialist at the University of Missouri Extension, cooking vegetables can increase their nutritional value. Toss your favorite greens in with some La Flor onion powder and cayenne pepper for a spiced up version that gives off the perfect kick.

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