DIY BBQ Rub March 14 2016

Calling all pitmasters! It’s time to rub your meat with a blend of spices that will take your slow cooking to the next level. If you’re getting sick of the “standard” BBQ rubs, it’s time to put them down and make your own.


  • La Flor Sea Salt
  • La Flor Black Pepper
  • La Flor Garlic Powder
  • La Flor Cumin
  • La Flor Cayenne Pepper
  • La Flor Ground Cinnamon
  • La Flor Paprika
  • White Sugar
  • Dark Brown Sugar

  • Directions:

    Mix all contents in a large bowl. Apply liberally to pork, beef or chicken approximately 1 hour prior to cooking.

    When taste is everything, La Flor is all you need to transform your slow cook into an extraordinary culinary delight. Shop our selection of spices, herbs, and blends on the web - keep it spicy, America!