Choosing The Right Spices For Your Meat January 29 2016

As foodies, the flavor behind what we create is extremely important. As you transition between different types of meats for different dishes, it’s imperative that you make sure you're pairing them with the right spices to ensure a great taste.

Take a look at these spice recommendations for some popular meats you might be cooking with.

Adobo on Chicken or Pork

Although widely used on a number of dishes, it’s no surprise the many people favor Adobo seasoning on chicken and pork. La Flor Adobo consists of basic ingredients that create an explosion of flavor when paired with the right meat. Primarily used in spanish dishes, it’s a great addition when utilized with vinegar, soy sauce, and minced garlic!

Cumin on Beef

Cumin is a phenomenal way to really bring out the flavors of different types of beef. Available in seed and powder form, La Flor Cumin can play off of the qualities of beef ever so beautifully. You can fry cumin seeds until they pop and add them to a beef kebab or burger. Using the ground spice is equally effective, but be careful with your portions - it’s very powerful!

Bonus Tip: Add a bit of La Flor Coriander to your cumin rations for an added kick!

Cajun Spice on Fish

Bringing a typically bland tasting fish to life doesn’t have to be hard. Grilled and baked fillets will absorb the heat and flavor of La Flor’s Cajun Spice, completely changing the dynamic of the fillet. This works best on versatile types of seafood. Tilapia and Catfish are great places to start when deciding on a fish to cook with.

What are some of your favorite spice combinations for your meals? Let us know your what your favorite spices to cook with are via our Facebook page!

Spicing up your meals doesn’t have to be hard. With La Flor Spices, we have everything to transform your cooking into a decadent eating experience for any occasion.