Spices for Fall Cooking September 30 2015

Although no spice is off limits for fall cooking, there are some that are especially suitable. And no, we’re not just talking apple or pumpkin spice - there are plenty of other flavors that are key for cooking this season:

  • Nutmeg- With a nutty yet strong sweet flavor - you can add this to any dish from sweet to savory. Need a dip for the big game? This baked creamy spinach dip will definitely switch things up.
  • Cinnamon- Sweet and pungent with an earthy flavor - cinnamon is great to mix with fruits and deserts but that’s not all! Apple cider beef stew gives cinnamon a whole new meaning.
  • Ginger- Hot yet sweet, even a little woody, ginger is key for desserts, drinks, and savory dishes. The famous dessert that we have all come to know and love is gingerbread cookies but wait until you taste ginger spice cookies.
  • Cloves- They have a strong, bitter yet sweet and almost hot aroma. Don’t know what to cook with cloves? This recipe of baked sweet potatoes with a hint of cloves would be a hit at Thanksgiving.
  • Allspice- A happy combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves - a great fall meal that you can enjoy with some allspice would be marinated pork with caramelized fennel

These spices can certainly be used year round, but really enhance the flavors fall dishes bring. Do you have any go to fall recipes with particular spices or seasonings? Share with the La Flor community on our Facebook page!

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