Winter Foods To Warm You Up February 02 2016

What’s better than coming inside to a warm bowl of soup after spending hours out in the cold? Not much if you ask us. Although we’ve seen drastic swings in temperatures so far this winter, we know the cold weather will rear its head once again. But don’t worry, these winter recipes will help warm up your bones and your appetite this season:

Lots of people - especially those who work full-time - find themselves ripping through the cabinets to put together some sort of meal during the week. Or they simply order out. Weeknight dinners don’t have to be so stressful, or so expensive, if you just plan ahead. And most of these recipes can be prepared in an hour or less so that “I don’t have enough time to cook a meal” excuse won’t work here.

  1. Butternut Squash Soup: Sit down a bowl of piping hot creamy butternut squash soup. If this doesn’t warm you up, we don’t know what will. Recipe Here:
    La Flor products needed: La Flor Cayenne Pepper, La Flor Black Pepper
  2. Spaghetti With Turkey Chili: Combine two winter staples, spaghetti and chili, and you have yourself a meal you won’t want to stop eating. Pile your plate high and top it off with sour cream and hot sauce to give your taste buds a kick. Recipe Here:
    La Flor products needed: La Flor  Sea Salt, La Flor Don Diego Special Habanero Blend
  3. Four Cheese Pasta With Ham and Peas: Creamy pasta. Ham. Cheese. What more do you need? Recipe Here:
    La Flor products needed: La Flor Sea Salt, La Flor Black Pepper
  4. Chicken Cordon Bleu: This quick and easy recipe takes the stress and time out of the traditional meal, yet it still tastes amazing! Recipe Here:
    La Flor products needed: La Flor Sea Salt, La Flor Black Pepper, La Flor Parsley Flakes
When taste is everything, La Flor is all you need to transform your cold winter day into an extraordinary culinary delight. Shop our selection of spices, herbs, and blends on the web - keep it spicy, America!